Respite Care & Emergency Respite

Imagine going to work each day without the worry that your mom, whom you hold so dear, is safe, happy and well in Wilma’s responsible care. The best is that our mother relays the conversations she’s had with Wilma; telling her that she knows her grown children can go to work relaxed, knowing their mother is in good hands. That makes mom happy.

All of the Visiting Homemaker services provide relief for overburdened family members who are caring for a loved one. Aides’ caring for patients gives family members peace of mind and precious time to attend to their own needs.

The Emergency Respite Care Program goes a step further. It is a grant-funded initiative that steps in temporarily to assist families facing crisis situations. The program can help during a caregiver illness or a personal or career crisis.

Home health aides provide patient care while the caregivers are given an opportunity to tend to their immediate needs. At the same time, the agency’s registered nurse helps families arrange for any ongoing care they may need beyond the duration of the grant program.



As you know when you have a loved one stricken with dementia it takes away life as we know it from that person but it also affects that person’s guardian. Fazina had cared for my mother as if it was her own mother and I am very grateful for that. Having her there with my mother 24 hours a day made me able to continue working knowing she was well taken care of. 


The aide has provided the emotional and physical support that my mother needs, while she allows me a few hours each day of freedom to do what I need to do.


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