Here are just some of the kind words we have received from clients and families who use our services:

Live In
“My husband and I both thank God for Vickie. We are both so helpless now with all our ailments. I can’t help my husband and he can’t help me, so without her I don’t know what we would do.” “It would be impossible for my wife or I to do this since Mother and Dad do not wish to move closer. You are like family!!”

Personal Care
“My aide anticipates all my needs and without her it would be hard to be independent and maintain my dignity.”

Respite Care
“Her aide has provided the emotional and physical support my mother needs, which allows me a few hours each day to do what I want and need to do”.

Short or Long Term Care
“I cannot help recalling the loving care and timely help I received from Visiting Homemakers from March to July. Today, as I stand on my own two feet and in good health , I am indeed grateful and indebted for the exceptional care that your organization provided.”

“It would be impossible for my sister and me to give Mother the help she needs without it affecting our jobs. Your service has been pivotal in allowing my mother to maintain her quality of life.”

Shopping/CHEER Program
“I used to worry about how I was going to stay here. I was unable to shop for food and do errands…I have a heart condition.. Cheer makes all the difference.”

“If it wasn’t for Cheer, I would have no clean clothes, no food, and no one would care. Everything done for me is appreciated. Without Janet’s help, her sunny disposition, my cupboard would be bare.”

“Both my mother and I are appreciative of this wonderful service. Because of CHEER my mother is able to function in her apartment and it allows her the independence she has always had.”

Occasion Care Stay At Home
“My aide Lillian C. has been an angel and has been instrumental in helping me get around; she’s wonderful. I wish she could be here with me all day.”

“Thousands of Seniors like me could carry on independently with just that little help that’s needed.”

“The services have been invaluable to us. Not only is our aide efficient and helpful, but she has a wonderful, cheerful manner that brings with it sunlight and a happy part of the day.

Discharge Express Drop In Service
“Knowing you’ll be available helps people like me feel secure.”

No Fee Programs
“Thank you so much for caring, selfless people who make life so much more livable” “This program has allowed me to stay in my home and have independence”

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